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Our expansive approach to raising finance is all based on your goals and ambitions. We have a simple process that moves swiftly from an immersive understanding of your business requirements to a range of tailored solutions that do not come off the shelf but…dovetail seamlessly with your plans.

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To ensure that you are provided with the best help, it’s vital we know every aspect of our industry inside out, so we can share it with you. So whether you know exactly what your business needs or you are looking for the guidance that will make all the difference.

We work with a wide range of introducers and professional service providers who refer deals to us based on our service and deliverability and know we exemplify the way clients expect to be treated.We don’t directly advise on buy and sell side mandates, we work alongside corporate finance advisors to raise appropriate debt finance for buy side mandates. Our phones are always on, which means we can be contacted anytime. Communication is vital.



Corporate Debt

Debt Advisory

£1m to £100m

  • When you are looking to raise debt over £1m for financing growth, funding assets, acquiring assets, general working capital and more.

  • We can connect you with a wide range of lenders including banks, debt funds, alternative lenders and specialist funders to raise the right funding at the right time.

  • Always ‘hands on’ from day one, guiding you through the funding until completion. Then we work with you as a trusted advisor from there on in.

  • The complete process is analysis led, based on information within your business. Allowing for truly guided management of all the correct data and information as we drive towards your businesses debt goals.

  • We don’t directly advise on buy and sell side mandates, we work alongside corporate finance advisors to raise appropriate debt finance for buy side mandates.

  • We work with MBO/MBI teams to introduce corporate finance specialists to you.

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Business Finance

£500k to £100m of Debt

  • We will use our network of contacts to provide your business with the right funders. Suited perfectly to the type of finance you are are looking for.

  • Prior to this, we will work with you to understand your needs and present you with a choice of funders.

  • Where possible, we will have initial terms in place, to ensure the process never stalls or slows down your projects.

  • In all instances, engagement will be with you.

  • We’ll always work on achieving the best deal for you.

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Corporate Debt Restructuring

£1m to £100m of Debt

  • The ability to help raise alternative finance when your current relationships may have broken down with existing funders.

  • Tackling challenges with an existing funder you may have and guiding you through any difficulties to improve this relationship.

  • Contingency planning modelling that can handle all the ‘what if’ scenarios that your business may face.

  • Negotiating with HMRC for government to support you through unforeseen difficult times.

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